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Web Facts

  • Nearly six out of every ten Protestant churches (57%) now have a website. That is up from just one-third of all Protestant churches in 2000, an increase of 68%.

  • A majority of churches send e-mail blasts to their congregations. Such technology was relatively inaccessible to churches at the start of the millennium, but 56% now rely on the process for reaching their people. This tool is equally common in churches across all regions of the nation.

Why do we need a Web site?
short selling forex The Internet is fast becoming the number one source of information for our society. A Web site can provide resources and other information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has the potential to reach over 55 million people in America alone! (more...)

What is WebMedley™?
WebMedley is a Web site publishing system designed to make it easy for the average "non-technical" volunteer or staff person to create and maintain an attractive and effective website. WebMedley also provides your church or ministry with many other tools to enhance the outreach on your site. (more...)

Why use WebMedley?
There are hundreds of ways your church can get a presence on the World Wide Web. Why is WebMedley the best answer for your online ministry? Because WebMedley was designed specifically for the needs of online ministries and continues to evolve and grow based on those needs. (more...) forex trading for beginners video tutorial

How can WebMedley help my ministry?
WebMedley can help your ministry provide members and visitors to your site with a wide array of information around the clock. From current news and information to statements of faith and sermon notes. From driving directions and contact information to newsletters and study sheets. From prayer requests and visitation requests to pictures of last week's VBS program. (more...)


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